Sinatra Fans: Stay i-Tuned

Hold on to your Sinatra hat! We are about to launch a YouTube video of the entire group performing at the National Theatre in Washington, D.C.

All started as a tribute to Frank Sinatra, Old Blue Eyes, yes the Chairman of the Board. His songs lik

e New York New York, Come Fly With Me, I”m Spreading the News and others live on and on, and our great-grandchildren will still marvel at Sinatra music.

We will be sending out notes to all our friends when the YouTube video is ready, and thank you for posting your vote when it arrives!

And don”t forget to listen LIVE 6 pm Saturday Nights on the Singing Stockbroker Musical Hour at and just click on Listen Live.

You can now purchase our latest CD or download the entire CD to play anytime you want…or just buy a single song for only .99 cents.

Thank you fans…we love you all.


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