The Singing Stockbroker

The Singing Stockborker

Gary Richman

In the Baltimore Sun

From the Baltimore Sun: "We'd like to welcome back to the bandstand, Gary Richman, the singing stockbroker," ...With Rat-Packian swagger, Richman nails "Mack the Knife," and then unloads Frank D'Antano's "Forbidden," then Lundin's favorite, song: "New York, New York." Six couples are dancing, now seven couples, now six..."

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Gary Richman is the Singing Stockbroker, and whether performing at the National Theater in DC, or at a local favorite restaurant, his signature smile and energetic style bring rounds of applause night after night. Click the link below to view a list of songs you'll hear...

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Songs that keep them coming back

Weddings, dinners, shows, or sitting in with Governor O'Malley playing his sax, Gary's heart is as big as the sound his vocals and instrumentation portray. A Peabody Conservatory trained violinist, you'll be amazed when he breaks out his violin and plays during his performance...

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